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Dead Vampires

Death Of The Fanged One Starting out as an idea for a mascot or emblem of the school in a graphic novel concept we have been working on (School of Kaos), the "Dead Vamp" design has been one of our most versatile and expanded upon projects. Once designs for the idea was brought in to fruition, we saw the potential it had for other promotional products and decided to work on a collection of clothing. In a series of brainstorms and design sessions we worked on making iconic imagery, a sort of cult based on a anti-couture. In essence we wanted to make the anti-popular, popular(with the rise of vampire popularity in pop culture).This is the result.    

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"The General"

 In creating Designs for our Root For The Villain series of products, we wanted to convey Power, Strength, and a Villain one can love that has no affiliations. This our journey The General Confusion Th(Ink) Revolution The Propagandize A General's Certainty Blood on the wall   In this piece we convey the perfect knowledge that has total security from error, the set in stone stance the general has to take in acting on decisions.When the decisions are set in stone General's Descent The Fall Of Man In this piece we display the fall of the individual, the person, of ones self behind the decisions made

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"Black Heart"

  With this project art imitates life, inspired by a failed relationship filled with deception and followed by a sudden end. The one image burned in the mind was that last look given, that cold stare. In translating the feeling of a dark cloud that comes along with a bad breakup, (and the not so subtle messages written on the faces of those involved) we present to you Black Heart

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